NEW DELHI: A former police officer was convicted of sexual harassment for allegedly sending a woman nude photographs and videos.

Rajesh Rangarajan was sentenced to three years’ jail on Wednesday, a day after he was arrested on charges of sexually harassing a woman in 2012.

A bench of Justice Ranjit Singh Khanna and Justice Sudhir Kumar Singh were hearing the case in the high court in New Delhi, where Rangardarajani is the first of two police officers to be convicted in the case.

The case was registered after a woman who had accused Rangaran of sexual assault filed a complaint.

Rangaravans wife, a former employee, had also filed a petition against him.

The woman said that Rangran had allegedly taken a picture of her during an incident in the police station in the city’s south-west.

In January last year, Rangan was arrested and booked under Section 376 of the IPC, which deals with sexual harassment.

Rangavans family said that he was not in jail at the time.

Ranjit Singh had said that the woman had made a complaint against Rangarin, who was then in the force.

“This case was brought under Section 3 of the Protection of Women from Sexual Offences Act, 2012.

I had written to the police to take action against Ranga, but the police had refused,” Singh said.”

He is a former police constable who was suspended from duty under the state government, and had a police certificate.

I believe this case is a political vendetta against him,” he said.

Singh said that if Rangarat had gone to the magistrate court, he would have received the maximum sentence of three years imprisonment.

“There is no possibility of his getting the maximum penalty,” he added.

The bench has been hearing a petition filed by Rangatbhai, a woman from the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, who had filed the complaint against her husband.

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