Australia has a number of laws in place that regulate the sale of beer.

The law on sale of alcoholic drinks was introduced in Australia in 1975, and since then, there has been a number that govern the sale and consumption of beer in Australia.

Here are the best beers in Australia, as voted by readers.


Beer and cider The beer law in Australia is set out in the Beer (Consumer Protection) Act 1975, which provides for a maximum limit of 4.6% alcohol in alcoholic drinks, and limits the maximum size of the bottle of beer to 30 mL.

It also sets a limit on the amount of alcohol that can be consumed in a single sitting.

The limit on alcohol for cider is set at 6% and has been reduced since it was first introduced in 2000.


The cider law is set up in the Cider and Beer Act 1999, which prohibits the sale or supply of cider to people aged between 18 and 60 years.

It requires all cider producers to register with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission (AGC) within a 12 month period.

The AGC can revoke the registration of an unregistered cider producer if they have a serious breach of the law.


The beer and cider law applies to all types of alcoholic beverages, but cider is the only one of the beer and wine laws to specifically state that cider must be made from malt.


The Beer Act allows people to have their own cider to be sold in shops and bars.

It does not allow people to buy a beer or cider.


The Australian Beer Council (ABC) has guidelines for the safe consumption of alcoholic liquor, and recommends that all alcohol beverages sold in Australia should be labelled ‘no more than 3% alcohol by volume’.


There are a number other laws regulating beer and other beverages.

The Consumer Protection Act covers the sale, transport and display of beer and wines, and the Alcohol Prohibition Act allows for restrictions on the sale at restaurants, bars, sporting events and concerts.


The alcohol law allows for a limit of 3.5% alcohol to be consumed per person on any one occasion.


Beer is sold in beer cans, bottles, kegs and bottles, and also in cans, keg and kegs.


Alcohol and wine can be bought at pubs, and wine and beer can be served at home.


Alcohol is prohibited at sporting events, concerts and festivals, as well as on Australian Government property.


The sale of cider in pubs is limited to 6 litres per person, and only on Sundays.


The ABC recommends that Australians buy alcohol from licensed suppliers.


Australians must wear a mask at all times, and all beer and alcohol must be kept out of sight and sight of children.


It is illegal to drink alcohol while using a motor vehicle.


There is a fine of up to $1,000 for anyone found to be under the influence of alcohol.


It’s illegal to carry alcohol in a car or trailer.


There’s a maximum fine of $3,000 if you break any of the above laws.


It was also banned from supermarkets in Australia from 2001.

The ban has since been relaxed to allow the sale on the internet of products made from alcohol.


A person who buys alcohol in the pub or cafe, or on the premises of a restaurant, must wear goggles or a face cover and have a red or blue face shield on at all time.

It will also be illegal to buy alcohol at a cafe.


It may also be a crime to sell alcohol to someone who has been prescribed alcohol for a serious illness, as it may be the same person who is to be charged with the offence.


If you are charged with an offence involving a minor under the age of 16, you must be 17 or over by the date of the offence and be accompanied by a guardian.


If a child under the ages of 16 is involved in the sale/sales of alcohol, they will be prosecuted as an adult, and not as a minor.


If alcohol is consumed by someone under 16, the person must have the adult’s consent.


Anyone under 16 who is found guilty of an offence under the alcohol law may face fines up to up to two years in jail.


Alcohol can only be sold to registered alcohol retailers, or to people who have their licence revoked.


Anyone who consumes alcohol on Australian property must have a valid driver’s licence.


If someone is found to have been drunk in a public place or is found with an open bottle of alcohol in their hand, they can be fined up to five thousand Australian dollars.


It can also be prosecuted under the Alcohol (Misuse of Drugs) Act 1971, which makes it an offence to possess, sell, offer to sell or give to a person who has taken

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