Which of the two US Supreme Court rulings will you be most happy about?

Here’s what you need to know about the ruling on the Massachusetts gay marriage case, which is expected to be heard by the Supreme Court on Monday.

The Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex couples cannot marry in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court will decide whether the ban on same-day same-night weddings in Massachusetts is unconstitutional.

The case arose in 2013 when Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey said the state’s marriage laws were unconstitutional.

In response, the US Supreme court issued an opinion saying that the ban was constitutional.

The state of Massachusetts then appealed to the Supreme Judicial court in Boston, and that court will hear arguments on Monday about whether the law is constitutional.

 The case has been heard in a series of high-profile cases across the country.

The case is being heard by Judge Lawrence Thomas of the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Boston.

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