This story is about one law in one state.

A Texas woman, who was fired after an internal investigation found that she had lied to the state about her firearms, said she was glad she wasn’t fired from her job.

Kati Johnson is an attorney who specializes in occupational safety and health.

“This is a good way to honor a loved one,” she said.

A spokesperson for the Texas Attorney General’s office declined to comment. “

But the truth is that I would not have made it without the support and friendship of the people around me.”

A spokesperson for the Texas Attorney General’s office declined to comment.

The gun lobby has long lobbied for laws that make it easier for gun manufacturers to sell guns.

Gun control advocates have pushed for stronger laws in states where there have been more mass shootings.

“Texas is the leading state in the nation in the number of mass shootings, and we know there are a lot of Texans who have lost loved ones to these terrible acts,” said Emily Cain, policy director at Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun control advocacy group.

The National Rifle Association said that a “new trend of gun control laws has created a new and unprecedented burden for law-abiding citizens and businesses.”

In May, the NRA’s top lobbyist, the lobbyist for the National Rifle Act, sent a letter to Gov.

Greg Abbott, asking him to enact new gun laws that allow for background checks.

Abbott has said that he would not support such legislation, but Cain said he has no choice.

“Governor Abbott should not stand in the way of a common sense solution that addresses the root causes of these horrific crimes, including access to mental health care and the need for responsible gun ownership,” Cain said in the letter.

“In fact, the only way to stop more tragedies like these is to act together.”

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