A new law introduced by the German government on Wednesday could affect the price of a home built with a lithium-ion battery system, the main component of Tesla’s latest car.

The law states that if the system’s voltage is above 80 volts (the maximum that can be discharged without overheating), the battery must be replaced.

The new law has been in place since July and was signed into law by Angela Merkel in December.

While it has not yet been applied to new battery systems, the new law is expected to have an impact on the prices of new homes.

The German government will apply the new legislation in 2017, the first year it has applied it, the company said in a statement.

The German government hopes to make its decision in 2017.

Tesla declined to comment on the law.

The company has faced a backlash in the US after reports that its battery packs are prone to overheating.

Last year, Tesla announced a $5,000 fine for anyone who used a faulty Tesla charger that would let the battery drain too fast.

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