Arizona is set to become the eighth state to legalize marijuana for medical use in a matter of months.

The bill passed on Tuesday, allowing people to possess up to two ounces of the drug, as well as grow it up to six plants at home.

The legislation also removes marijuana from the state’s Controlled Substances Act, the so-called “War on Drugs” that is widely viewed as a failed policy.

The Arizona legislature approved the legislation by a margin of 71-20 on Wednesday, with the support of the National Rifle Association and the Arizona Chamber of Commerce.

But the bill does not make the state a leader in legalizing marijuana for recreational use, and it is not yet clear how that will play out in practice.

The state, like many others in the country, is in the middle of a multi-year legal battle to legalize the drug.

Last year, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized medical marijuana in Arizona, setting the stage for the state to begin legal recreational use later this year.

It was the first time that state had legalized the drug for medical purposes.

But despite the support from gun-rights groups, the legalization bill faces some hurdles.

The National Rifle League, a lobbying group that has fought to stop the sale of firearms in states where it is legal, is opposed to the bill, citing concerns that it will allow people to carry guns in public and could open the door to more gun violence.

The gun lobby, meanwhile, argues that legalizing marijuana is a way to increase the supply of the powerful, addictive drug.

In addition to Arizona, other states that have legalized recreational marijuana for adults include Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.

In recent years, there have been several states that tried to legalize recreational marijuana.

Nevada became the first state to pass a medical marijuana law in 2012.

The first federal drug war was waged against the drug in the 1980s, with a massive federal crackdown in response to the Controlled Substance Act.

The drug was officially designated a Schedule I substance, which means it is considered a dangerous substance with no medical value.

In 1990, Congress passed a law that authorized the federal government to prosecute people who grow, sell, and distribute marijuana.

However, the DEA has never used that power.

A handful of states have attempted to legalize pot for recreational purposes, but the process has not been as smooth as the one for medical marijuana.

California, for example, has tried to regulate marijuana by establishing a state regulatory agency that would oversee production, sales, and distribution of marijuana.

Last month, the Trump administration moved to roll back a law passed in 2018 that made it easier for people to grow their own pot, and the new administration has signaled it is moving to undo the law.

But critics say that is not enough.

“It’s going to be an uphill battle,” said John Hudak, director of policy and strategy at the Drug Policy Alliance, a national advocacy group.

“People are going to need to get to the point where they are going for a ballot measure and having that ballot measure approved.”

The Drug Policy Task Force, a Washington, D.C.-based group, says that marijuana legalization is not only the right thing to do, but it is the only way to effectively address the epidemic of marijuana-related deaths in the U, which has surpassed 100,000 in 2017.

The group estimates that about 7,000 people die each year from opioid overdoses, and that the number of people who use marijuana to treat those ailments has doubled since legalization.

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