By now, you’ve probably seen the headlines around the release of a report by the Institute for Justice and Liberty that found that the federal government has repeatedly violated the Constitution’s separation of powers in the pursuit of its efforts to enforce Sharia law across the country.

The report, titled “Sharia Law is Unconstitutional, but Legal, But It’s Legal,” argues that Sharia law violates the 14th Amendment’s prohibition against an “establishment of religion” that is “sincere, obvious, and obviously religious” and violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment’s Due Process Clause.

The report, written by the institute’s deputy director, Jonathan Turley, makes the case that the U.S. has a “special relationship with Muslim communities” and that Muslims are not protected by the Constitution because the government has consistently ignored their legitimate concerns.

This is not the first time the institute has made similar arguments.

In January, the Institute claimed that the government is engaged in a “war on Muslims,” but it has repeatedly failed to address the legitimate concerns of Muslims.

Last month, the institute also took issue with President Donald Trump’s recent statements that Muslims “should not be forced to recite the Koran in school,” but Turley has insisted that he has not changed his position.

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