When “PorGY and BESS” star Kate Hudson first started getting attention after a series of sexually explicit photos surfaced of her in a bikini and a thong, she wasn’t exactly the star many assumed.

But the “Pretty Little Liars” actress, whose real name is Kara Hudson, told ABC News she’s embarrassed by what she’s been accused of doing.

Hudson, 28, first posted photos of herself in a thang bikini and thong on Instagram in April and was followed by more than 10,000 followers.

Hudsons attorney responded by saying that he would “never” allow his client to be photographed nude or to have his image displayed on any media.

But as the months went by, the photos began to emerge online, and they sparked a number of lawsuits.

In October, Hudson sued her former husband, David, alleging he had raped her.

The couple divorced in January, and David filed for divorce in February.

David has since filed for an alimony hearing, and the lawsuit says he wants to move forward with a divorce, but he’s facing “a number of outstanding legal matters.”

In the lawsuit, he also said that he is “very proud” of his ex-wife, who “was an extraordinary woman” who he said “worked hard to support” him financially.

In a statement to ABC News, David Hudson said he “took great care” of Kara and her two young children.

“Kara is a highly talented artist and a devoted mother and I deeply appreciate the many wonderful memories we shared,” he said.

“I am deeply embarrassed that this has led to such a great deal of controversy and hurt.

I take full responsibility for this.”

Hudons attorney said the lawsuit is not intended to hurt David, who he described as a “strong, dedicated father” and a “loving husband.”

David has said he and Kara had been together for nine years, and that he was never abusive.

Huda, 28 at the time, has not commented publicly on the allegations.

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