A new rule will be introduced for couples who wish to marry outside the common law and state that if one of the spouses wishes to remarry, it must be done in Australia.

The changes come into force after a review of marriage legislation by the federal attorney-general’s department.

The rule is aimed at easing some of the pain experienced by couples who are not in a relationship.

In June last year, the Federal Court ruled that couples who were in a marriage could not remarry without permission from the court.

The new rule says it is not unlawful for a husband to remarry after a wife is separated from him.

The rule also states that if a husband wishes to marry a new partner, the spouse must apply to the court for permission to do so.

The court’s decision came after a couple, who are both in their 60s, filed a civil suit against the state of Victoria and the Attorney-General’s Department.

The pair, from the Gold Coast, had argued that because their marriage was in the common-law, it was unlawful for them to remare.

The couple said their marriage would not continue unless they were given permission to remary.

“I feel like we are the happiest people in the world,” Mr Johnson said.

“We have a wonderful marriage, but our marriage is not recognised by the law, so it’s not really a marriage.”

It’s a declaration of love, but that’s all it is.

It’s a marriage to a different person.


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