The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals has approved a two-person limit on the number of people allowed into a home.

The agency, which oversees public housing and the Louisiana State Prison system, approved the rule on Tuesday, a day after Gov.

John Bel Edwards signed a bill expanding the state’s limited-access housing program to include new developments.

Under the measure, an owner can establish a maximum of two people per room at his or her property.

The measure goes into effect Sept. 1.

Under an amendment approved by the House, the limit is limited to one person for every two units.

A landlord can also limit the number or type of people permitted to reside on a property.

House Bill 2037 passed the House on Monday by a vote of 19-4.

It now moves to the Senate.

In June, the state adopted a new housing rule that included a three-person maximum for people allowed to live in the same home.

The amendment requires any new development or renovation of an existing structure to follow a two person maximum.

The Louisiana Department for Planning and Economic Development estimated that about 10,000 people live in more than two-thirds of the state.

The department has not yet issued any guidelines for how many people may live in a home, although a spokesperson said it will take a few weeks to determine the rules.

The department can take into account local housing needs, but will not consider how many households are living in a single unit.

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