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Law of Segregation? Tech companies are moving to ban white-only bathrooms and locker rooms, as the country fights for equality

Tech companies and major corporations are pushing forward with measures to ban discrimination in the workplace and elsewhere in the name of equality.

But as the nation grapples with the divisive politics of the presidential election, companies have been taking their cue from their owners and leaders, who have long argued that the best way to make a difference in the lives of minority Americans is by moving beyond the politics of segregation.

And tech is no exception.

A number of companies have begun to embrace policies that will bar white-owned and operated businesses from the use of certain bathrooms and changing facilities.

This is an effort to combat the discriminatory and dangerous policies that have become a staple of the Trump administration.

In recent months, some tech companies, such as Apple and Microsoft, have been moving to expand policies that would prohibit the use and harassment of employees and employees’ families.

While the companies are not trying to ban individual employees from bathrooms or locker rooms in general, many of the companies have announced plans to bar employees from certain locations from using the facilities in their company or workplace.

The companies, which have a combined workforce of more than 3.4 million, are following in the footsteps of Apple and Facebook, which announced similar measures during the election.

Tech companies are taking their cues from their CEOs and leaders to push forward with plans to ban discriminatory policies in the face of the political climate.

They are doing so because, in many cases, it makes economic sense to do so, says Paul Graham, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union.

But this is not just an issue that affects tech workers.

While many of these companies have a diverse workforce and their customers are diverse, the policies that they are pushing for are discriminatory and harmful to a large number of minority groups, says Richard J. Epstein, senior counsel for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

It is an issue of basic fairness, Epstein says.

There are a lot of people in this country who feel they can’t live in our country, and they feel that they cannot be a part of our country.

The issue isn’t just about people of color, but people of different ethnicities, and people who are disabled, and all of these different kinds of people.

This will not just affect one group or the other, it will affect everyone.

The discriminatory policies that are being pushed forward will be a major barrier to people of all races, and there is no excuse for it, Epstein said.

While some companies are stepping up, others have been slow to implement policies that could be interpreted as targeting specific groups of employees.

For example, in September, Google announced that it would prohibit employees of different races from working on the same team.

The company also announced plans in February to ban employees of all religions from working at the company.

These policies are not in line with the principles of inclusion and diversity that Silicon Valley has long espoused, said Mark Mazzarella, president and CEO of the NAACP.

The companies that have made it so far have not all come out and announced policies that target specific groups.

Some of the major tech companies have made no announcements on the issue.

Others are taking steps to address the problem.

Google announced a plan to allow its employees to opt out of some of its policies, including the use or harassment policy, in early January.

Google has since announced a policy allowing employees to decline to use a specific bathroom, which has already been implemented.

Apple announced that its policy regarding discrimination against transgender employees would change.

This includes the removal of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Apple also announced that a policy regarding employee harassment would be changed to protect the company’s workers.

Apple has also said that it will prohibit discrimination against people based on race, gender identity, religion, disability, age, ethnicity, and other protected characteristics.

A handful of other tech companies are also working on policies that seek to address discrimination based upon sexual orientation.

Facebook announced in late January that it plans to make its workplace inclusive of all employees, regardless of sexual orientation, gender orientation, and gender expression.

Facebook is also working with other companies to include the LGBT community.

Apple has announced plans that would require all employees to have a social security number to be considered for employment, and a policy that would ban discrimination based only on sexual identity.

The efforts by tech companies and other companies are part of a larger push by the tech industry to address racism and discrimination, said Michaela M. Ryan, executive vice president and chief diversity officer at the Human Rights Campaign, which represents tech workers and other workers.

In the past, the tech sector has done its best to work in harmony with society, but it has been very clear that there needs to be more diversity in the workforce, she said.

“It’s not just about diversity.

It’s about inclusion.

And that includes diversity of race, color, national origin, age.”

The tech industry, along with many other tech firms, is also making progress in changing attitudes about

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