Katie Holmes has written a new memoir called I Love You, and it’s called A Little Less Is More: The Art of Being a Better Mom, in which she talks about how she learned to be a better mom through the first few years of her child-raising career, and how she’s changed over the years.

Holmes talks about her early years, and why she wanted to write a book that she hopes will inspire a new generation of moms.

(Hint: She does not have kids.)

The book is set to be released next week.

It’s also the first memoir in more than a decade from Holmes that doesn’t feature a child, which is a first for her.

She also talks about being the first person to ever have two children in the same day.

Holmes was the first in a long line of firsts for Katie.

She was the youngest person ever to graduate from Harvard Law School, and the only one of her classmates to graduate with a degree in psychology.

She graduated in 1992 with a law degree from Harvard, and was named the 2015 Woman of the Year.

The story starts with Holmes, who says that when she was a child she would be constantly teased about her weight.

She’s not overweight anymore, but she’s not quite as confident as she used to be.

The pressure to be slim was a big part of that, and she says she tried not to think about it.

But Katie said the pressure didn’t go away when she got older.

She recalls that her mom always kept reminding her, “You can’t be too thin.

You’re too skinny.”

She was constantly told that it was a bad thing to look at, and that she was “not a good shape,” and that “your body is just a machine.”

Holmes says she didn’t have a lot of friends growing up, but was always surrounded by people who were “pretty strong, tough, smart, and kind of cool.”

She remembers one time when she had an argument with her mom about her body.

Holms said that her mother told her to stop complaining about her size, and told her that she had made it through that.

“My mom was right,” she said.

“You’ve made it.”

Holms says that she learned that her body was a tool for her to “move and express myself.”

She says that if you want to look good, you have to make it your own, and her mother taught her that to help her.

Holmys family is also very accepting of her body, she said, because it’s not the only way she sees herself.

She said that she’s learned to accept herself for who she is, and not let people judge her.

“I think that’s what it’s all about for me, because there’s always people out there that are judging you,” she told EW.

“And I think it’s just important for me to let it all out.”

Holmots mom also told her she’s proud of her.

“Katie, we all know you’re an amazing person, and you know how you feel, but I’m proud of you,” Holmes said.

Holmas book is a collection of personal anecdotes about how Katie came to be, and what she learned as a child.

It was written in response to the question “What does it mean to be an amazing mother?”

She said she wants the book to inspire a generation of mothers who want to “be like you, too.”

She also shared that her first book is called The Beauty Myth: The Real Truth Behind What Makes Us Beautiful.

“It was the best decision I ever made in my life,” she shared.

“I love the fact that I’m able to tell people, I love the way it was received.

I’m also able to share the truth.”

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