A woman in her mid-20s has accused her former boyfriend of cyberstalking her after she confronted him about what she called his “stalking behavior”.

The alleged incident happened on Monday night when the woman was returning home from a friend’s birthday party in the city’s east end.

She said she told her boyfriend that he was “a creep” and “a bully” and that she’d call police.

But the boyfriend, who was in his late 40s, didn’t stop and continued to follow her around.

“He just kept following me around the neighbourhood, just harassing me and harassing me, and eventually got into a physical confrontation with me,” the woman said.

“It just snowballed from there, and that’s when he started hitting me.”

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she has spoken to several women who have also faced similar harassment.

“I think it’s a terrible thing that people can’t get the police involved in these kinds of situations,” she said.

“It’s really just a sad situation.”

According to the RCMP, there are about 5,000 incidents of cyber stalking reported each year in Canada.

The RCMP said it’s working with law enforcement agencies to “take a proactive approach” and to identify perpetrators and report their behaviour.

The woman said she will also pursue an appeal against the ruling.

The victim told CBC News she’s now considering filing a complaint with the Criminal Code Review Board.

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