A new generation of fake news is being pushed onto the internet, posing a serious threat to our democracy and the freedom of the press.

The Huffington Report has compiled a list of the top 10 most common kinds of fake stories on Facebook and Twitter.

READ MOREFrom a fake news story about a “Muslim ban” to a fake story about President Donald Trump calling on a “white supremacist” to be removed from the National Basketball Association, these are the types of stories that Facebook and its users are becoming increasingly suspicious of.

The top 10 Most Common Types of Fake News on Facebook”There are a lot of fake and fake news stories being circulated on Facebook,” said Jennifer O’Malley, a staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which advocates for privacy and freedom of speech online.

“There are also a lot more real news stories that have been vetted by Facebook and the media outlets that cover them.”

The stories are not always the real thing, however, O’Neill said.

For example, a fake “Muslim Ban” story about an order from Trump banning Muslims from entering the United States was not the first time fake news on Facebook.

In October, the “Trump Dossier” — a collection of unverified allegations that alleged ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian government — went viral on Facebook as fake news.

The most common types of fake story include stories that purport to expose “fake news,” but are really made up to push an agenda, like “The New Black Panther Party,” a viral video that purports to show black people chanting the Black Lives Matter slogan “Black Lives Matter.”

The video is believed to have been created by a group of African-Americans and posted on an “alternative news” site.

While the “Muslim Bans” and “White Supremacy” stories are often created to push agendas, fake news has also been used to spread false information and promote conspiracy theories.

In October, Facebook announced that it would begin removing posts that “misrepresent our mission, the principles we stand for, or the beliefs we hold.”

But the changes will not take effect for a while.

The social media giant has not provided details on how the ban will be enforced or how long it will take for the posts to be taken down.

O’Malley said Facebook users should be vigilant about reporting stories they suspect are fake or fake news because fake news can be very harmful to our democratic process and our ability to hold governments accountable.

Facebook’s crackdown on fake news will only help to keep the internet free from misinformation, she said.

While Facebook has been quick to take down fake news, O-Malley said that many of the stories that are now being reported on its platform have been in the news before.

In fact, the Huffington Post’s list of top 10 stories about fake news includes stories about a man who shot a police officer in the head and the murder of a former police chief in Pennsylvania.

O-Malley added that fake news “is a very dangerous issue.”

Fake news stories often circulate on social media and in news stories, but often they don’t show up on Facebook or Twitter.

And while Facebook has recently launched tools that help users flag fake news sites, many of these tools do not distinguish between genuine news and fake stories.

O’-Malley said she worries that people are “learning that there’s no such thing as fake content.”

“People are learning that they can’t really be trusted,” she said, “and it can be dangerous for citizens to fall prey to fake news.”

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