Legal experts say a simple law to make landlords tenants of their premises is being debated by the Government after a young man was forced to leave a property.

Landlords who break the law could face prison or heavy fines.

The new law will make it illegal for landlords to breach the terms of a lease, as well as making it unlawful to evict tenants for failing to pay rent.

It will also apply to landlords who fail to comply with the law if they break it.

In many cases, a landlord is allowed to evict a tenant in good faith and if the landlord breaches the terms and conditions of the lease, they are not liable to pay any rent.

But critics say this is not enough to enforce the law.

And they want the Government to put in place an effective system to protect landlords who breach the law, which could lead to landlords facing hefty fines or even prison.

If a tenant breaches the tenancy, it’s against the law to take away their property and keep them in there illegally.

It’s against their right to own property, and they can’t just leave the property, they have to be given an opportunity to stay, to explain why they want to leave, they must be given a chance to leave.

A tenant can’t be evicted for failing an inspection, for breaching terms and for breaching the law on rental properties.

But that’s not all.

This law applies to all types of property, from small properties to high-rise buildings, which means it could impact on property values in many other areas.

I would say it’s very much the kind of law that would impact on landlords as well, and in fact it could have a major impact on the value of properties, because if you don’t have that enforcement mechanism in place, it can create a huge amount of instability in the market and lead to some property values being destroyed in that particular market.

So the Government should not be trying to push this legislation, but should be looking at ways to protect tenants from landlords that breach the tenancy law.

But that means the Government has to decide what its going to do about it.

Currently, the Government only gives landlords a legal right to evict when a landlord breaches a tenancy contract.

That means if a landlord tries to evict their tenant, the law only applies to them.

As a result, many landlords don’t want to take on the responsibility of making sure that their tenants don’t get evicted.

One of the main issues for many tenants is that if they can evict the tenant without their knowledge, they don’t know how long they will be able to keep them.

This law will also give landlords a more effective enforcement mechanism, and make it a lot easier for them to evict the tenants.

For example, a tenant who has breached a tenancy can ask for an order that the landlord give the tenant notice to leave within the specified time period.

But if they don

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