FourFourSeconds ago, in a story on the lawsuit filed against Brooklyn Law School by the families of Michael Brown, Freddie Gray and Eric Garner, a New York Times reporter reported: “In a civil lawsuit brought by the parents of Michael, Eric and Mary Brown, the suit claims that their daughters were falsely accused by their lawyers of being involved in a conspiracy to frame them for a false arrest, and that the lawsuit, and others, were based on a fabricated account of what happened.”

The Times reported: The case against the family was based on false claims that the defendants “attempted to frame” the defendants for a crime they did not commit, the lawsuit alleges.

The suit also alleges that the suit “failed to establish any facts” supporting the defendants’ allegations.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the three Brown families by the family of Brown, Eric Garner and James McDougal, and also by the Gray family, the Staten Island Advance reported.

It alleges that all three families were falsely charged in the aftermath of Brown’s death in August 2015, and says that their claims have been used to advance an agenda of “economic, racial and social justice.”

The suit, however, has not named any defendants.

“There are a lot of unanswered questions,” said Mark Johnson, one of the attorneys representing the families in the suit.

“It is not clear whether this case is going to be successful.”

The lawsuit is seeking to hold the defendants liable for defamation.

The families of the deceased Brown, Garner and McDougar filed the suit on August 14, 2015, alleging that the plaintiffs were defamed in their press coverage of the shooting, and accusing the defendants of falsely claiming they had engaged in an “ongoing conspiracy to kill, maim and terrorize” the families.

In addition, the plaintiffs claim that the Defendants used “false and misleading” allegations in the press to “defame” the Browns, Garners and McDougalls.

“We are disappointed with the way the lawsuit has been handled by the media, and we are looking forward to the discovery process to get to the bottom of what occurred,” said a statement from the Brown family’s lawyer, Daniel D. Sheehan.

“The fact that this case was brought in a civil case is a clear indication of the difficulty that exists in trying to hold people accountable for their actions.”

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit say that their press conferences were interrupted by threats of violence, and they were threatened with arrests.

They also allege that they were repeatedly threatened with violence by police and that some of their lawyers were threatened, and one of their attorneys threatened to report them to the police.

The plaintiffs allege that the police did not take any action against the journalists and that they had been subjected to harassment and threats.

The media, they say, published false information about them, and the press reports that they and their attorneys were targeted by the police are untrue.

“The press has done everything in its power to smear the Brown families and have been extremely selective in the reporting of the case,” Johnson said.

“There has been a concerted effort by the press in the media to defame them and their families.”

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