A former employee of a California startup is suing her former employer over a “misappropriation” of a software patent.

The former employee alleges that her former employers used the software to infringe on her right to make claims against them.

The lawsuit is filed in the Northern District of California.

According to the lawsuit, the software was originally created by the startup, called iRig, to help customers who were experiencing problems with their computer.

The software is licensed to other companies to help them troubleshoot and fix problems.

But iRigs founder Michael Pichol allegedly took it from there and “used it to steal the rights to patent the invention,” according to the complaint.

The suit claims that “iRig’s patent infringement was intentional, malicious, and was a willful and malicious act designed to deprive the plaintiff of the benefit of the patent.”

The lawsuit also claims that Pichot “used iRigg’s patents to defraud the plaintiff and defraud her company, which she owned.”

According to a press release from the company, iRIG was founded by Picholt, a “senior software engineer at iRigor, a startup founded by two engineers who have been at iRIIG for almost two years.”

The press release notes that iRigo, the company’s logo, was inspired by iRrig’s founder, Picholl.

Pichola told Business Insider that he and Pichols daughter are “really proud of iRigi, the product.”

Pichol, who has no previous experience in software development, says in the lawsuit that he first started working for iRibg in 2015 as an “engineering manager.”

When he started working on iRiqug, he says that he “started using iRifig to solve my problems.”

According to the suit, the lawsuit was filed on August 15, 2020, two days after the original iRigate trial.

“At the time of the initial filing, iRIig was a fledgling company,” the lawsuit reads.

“Its founders had no prior experience in any software or technology area.

iRIigs engineers had never developed any software products, and it was unclear what kind of software they could create.”

Pichrol said in a statement that he has “no knowledge of the lawsuit” and that he is “disappointed.”

Pichirol also told Business Insiders that the company is looking into the lawsuit.

“It is an unfortunate situation, and we are currently investigating the situation,” Pichorol said.

“We are confident that our team will be able to overcome the situation, as we do not expect the litigation to result in any damage to our business.”

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