The Nuremberg Laws, which were passed in Germany after World War II to combat Nazi persecution, have since become a rallying cry for neo-Nazi groups worldwide.

The Nuremburg Laws outlaw racial hatred and discrimination, and were passed after the Nazi regime murdered six million Jews in concentration camps.

Since they came into force, hundreds of neo-Nazis have been killed, thousands have been imprisoned, and millions of people have been deprived of their citizenship or rights.

One in five Australians have faced racism-related discrimination in their lives, according to the National Centre for Social and Economic Research (NCSE), which has found that nearly two-thirds of Australians are victims of racial discrimination, with one in five people experiencing this type of discrimination.

But while the laws are widely respected and enshrined in Australian law, it’s difficult to enforce them in Australia.

A law enforcement officer is required to report to a police station every time they arrest someone, or if they encounter someone they believe to be a person of interest, which is why police have been asked to provide officers with a mobile phone for the past few years.

Despite the Nurembers, there has been a lack of legislation in the country that would protect people of colour.

That’s where the Anti-Racism and Discrimination Act 2013 comes in, passed in the wake of the Charlottesville, Virginia riots, that requires any law enforcement officers who investigate racism or discrimination, regardless of the offence, to report it to the Australian Federal Police.

“There are some really good police officers who will get in touch with us, but they don’t know what to do with it because they’re so busy,” Ms Cairns said.

Her group has been contacted by the Federal Government to seek assistance in helping to make the laws more robust.

In Victoria, Victoria Police Commissioner Steve Nellis said he had spoken to the Minister for Justice about the bill and had been told there were no plans to implement it.

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