Posted August 18, 2018 05:20:47How to calculate euclidean distances?

By Stephen KirchhoffKirchoff’s Law: the inverse of the square of the distanceBetween two points on a sphere with the same radius, the distance between them will be smaller than the distance from the center to the point on the sphere.

In Euclid’s Elements, this law was known as the inverse quadrilateral law.

Euclid’s second law: the distance to the center of the circle is equal to the distance in radians from the circle centerTo find the inverse euclidian distance, first find the radius of the sphere from the circumference of the earth.

Then calculate the distance of the center from the points on the circumference.

The inverse quadrivial law holds: the radius will be larger if the radius is greater.

This means that the distance will be equal to a distance from a point on a circle with radius r that is larger than the radius r of the point that is closest to the circle.

The inverse square-law holds: a circle has an inverse square root when its circumference is larger.

It has an euclidian distance when its radius is smaller.

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