Posted February 12, 2018 04:16:00 The American Medical Association (AMA) released a report today that details how to be a successful and effective expert in yourself and your own body.

The AMA’s new “Assessment of Assessments and Practices” report, titled Assessment of Assessesments and Professions,” recommends that physicians should: Assess themselves and their carers and their patients appropriately Assess their medical conditions and health risks and recommend preventive health care and other services Assess the health and well-being of patients and their families, family members and friends Assess medical and nursing home residents, their families and carers, their caregivers, and their communities to ensure they are taking care of themselves and are providing good care Assess patients’ personal and professional health and wellbeing, to ensure appropriate care Assesses the needs of those in the care of others, including their children, parents, siblings, and caregivers Assess care and assistance provided to those in need and to improve the quality of care and support provided by those in care, and to ensure that those receiving care are aware of and are adequately supported by their providers and health care providers Assess how well and how often health care professionals, including nurses, psychologists, pharmacists, physician assistants, physicians, hospital administrators, and other health care workers, are meeting their patients’ needs and that they are doing their jobs adequately Assess a variety of ways that care providers may be doing their work, such as ensuring appropriate care and safety, following appropriate treatment protocols, and ensuring patient safety, as well as other aspects of their work such as the quality and timeliness of services and supplies.

For more information on how to identify, manage, and treat a variety or types of health issues, visit

A copy of the AMA’s assessment can be found online at

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