As a girl scout, I was always taught that I could be anything I wanted, that my body was the center of attention and that I should feel beautiful, confident, and worthy of attention.

I believed I was beautiful and I knew that I was strong and powerful.

But as I became older, I realized that I wanted to be something more.

I wanted a life that wasn’t dictated by body size and that was truly my choice.

So as a female scout, how do you make it work?

Here are 10 tips for becoming a woman.


Be yourself and respect yourself 2.

Learn how to take care of yourself 3.

Respect your body 4.

Learn about the health of your body 5.

Be active and healthy 6.

Know what you want to achieve 7.

Understand that beauty comes from within and doesn’t come from outside sources 8.

Learn to celebrate yourself 9.

Understand the importance of self-acceptance 10.

Learn what you need to do to change your body and the world for the better.

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