By Tom DaleyAuckland, New Zealand – The world’s most popular sport is about to get a major boost to its popularity, thanks to a controversial new overtime rule.

The NRL is about $9 billion richer from the change that will see players earning overtime on games that are not a pre-season test, according to the NRL.

The game has had more than $60 billion in revenue and is the biggest revenue-generating sport in the world.

The World Anti-Doping Agency has accused the NRL of covering up its own anti-doping rules by using “fudging” of data.

The league has defended its rules and says they are about preventing players getting caught in an illegal drug test.

The AFL and the NRL have said they will review the rules after the 2018 season.

The new rules will apply to the next NRL season and to next season if the Australian Rugby Union does not agree to them.

“I think the rule change is going to help the game,” NRL chairman Greg Swann said.

“It will help our game because we are so good at playing against each other.

We have the highest average attendance in the NRL, which is phenomenal.”

But I do think the game is really well worth celebrating in a way.

“New Zealand has the world’s highest average age of its population at 24.5 years.

The country is home to some of the biggest sport stars in the game and is currently a member of the World Rugby.

Swann said the changes were designed to “bring some order” to the game.”

The league will have to work out how to best deal with this, but I think the changes are important for the game because the sport is growing very rapidly,” he said.

Australia’s Rugby League has a record of over $300 million, but its revenues are declining.

In a statement, the NRL said it had worked closely with the NRL to “reduce the number of illegal drug tests administered by our players” and that it would be “appropriate” for the governing body to review the changes after the 2019 season.”

We have made no secret of the fact that we are aware of the concerns raised by the Australian Anti-dosing Authority and will work with them to address them, as we always have,” the statement read.

The WADA has also criticised the NRL for not using “reasonable and appropriate measures” to deal with the issue.”

This is a highly sensitive and complex issue and, given the sensitivity of this issue, the Australian Government should be seeking to ensure that the NRL fully and accurately discloses all information relating to the WADA-recommended measures it is taking to ensure the integrity of the game of rugby league,” it said.

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