NEW YORK — Yale Law professor Alan Dershowitz said Wednesday that Harvard Law’s $200,000 annual salary would not be enough to lure him back to the Ivy League.

“We don’t have a number to compare it to, but we think it’s going to be quite enough to attract me,” Dershourt said in a telephone interview.

The former U.S. attorney and New York Times bestselling author said he wants to stay in the legal profession for a long time.

He also said he’s interested in working in international relations, health care and law.

“If I can keep my academic interests in the United States and keep my family out of the U.K., I think I would have to be interested in the U .

K. for a while,” Derhourt, a former Supreme Court judge, said.”

My wife and I are very happy in our current home in the suburbs of Boston and we want to stay that way,” he added.

Dershourts wife, Jessica, who works as a law clerk at the Boston firm of Kroll, Dennard & Partners, is also a former U:S.

Attorney in Boston, and she has worked as a private attorney for the city and state.

Detershourts legal career started when he was hired by the U:US as the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1989, after a career as a prosecutor at the U-S, where he helped lead the U of T’s student newspaper.

He is widely regarded as one of the countrys best-known and most successful U. S. attorneys.

He’s been a regular guest on Fox News, where in 2006, he said, “We had a national scandal over the use of a wiretap to obtain a confession in the Kennedy assassination.

I think we need a different type of investigation.”

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